What is Impro Teatro Nueva Zelanda?

Impro Teatro Nueva Zelanda is a venture that was started in early 2017 by Matias Avaca and Nicolas Mankiewitz in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

Our goal is to develop, produce and promote high quality comedy and theatre alternatives, using improvisation as the main tool.

Mabel, the cast of Impro Teatro Nueva Zelanda, is made up of more than ten actors from different countries, such as Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay, etc., who are residing in New Zealand.

Matías Avaca

Matías Avaca is an Argentinean engineer who has been involved in the improv world since 2013, when he took part in one of the improv workshops taught by the acclaimed Esteban Agnello, in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Then, since 2014, he was part of project called “Liga Mendocina de Improvisación”, which was also directed by Esteban Agnello. This project is to date considered the “biggest improv show in the world”, with a cast of over 100 actors. Matías was part of this project until early 2016, when he decided to emigrate to New Zealand.

Between 2014 and 2018 Matías took part in different workshops such as “Minimal Improvisations”, taught by Sergio Paris (founder of “Keto Impro”), “Magic realism, poetic body, reality levels” taught by Omar Galván  and “The Art of Improvisation Level 1 and Level 2” directed by Wade Jackson (“Improv Bandits”), which gave him the opportunity to join The Covert Theatre. In May 2018, Matías had his first show with The Cover Theatre as part of the 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival.

Matías Avaca matias13@gmail.com

Nicolás Mankiewitz

Nicolas Mankiewitz holds a degree in Business Administration and Accounting, and is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since childhood he has been very curious and took part in shows in Argentina and Chile during primary and secondary school. Then he took drama and acting classes in Buenos Aires at the La Soderia Cultural Centre, under the direction of Mary Sue Bruce, who studied performing arts in Argentina and New York. Nicolas has also taught creativity courses for different organisations and universities.

In 2015 he took part in the workshop “The Art of Improvisation” directed by Wade Jackson, and in 2017 in the “Program in Actor’s Improv” directed by Bobbi Block (USA), and is an active member of Covert Theatre, directed by Wade Jackson and other members of the Improv Bandits, one of the most renowned English speaking improv theatre groups in New Zealand. With Covert Theatre he performed for two years in a row at the NZ International Comedy Festival. In 2017 he took the “Magic realism, poetic body, reality levels” workshop taught by Omar Galván.

Nicolás Mankiewitz nicomank@gmail.com