We are Mabel

Mabel was co-created in early 2017 by Matias Avaca and Nicolas Mankiewitz in Auckland, New Zealand. Since coming together to form the first Spanish-speaking Improv group in Australasia, the cast and producers of Mabel have been organizing and participating in artistic events to promote the Spanish language and Latin-American culture in New Zealand and beyond.

Matias, co-founder and artistic director of Mabel, feels like this project is "home away from home". But also represents a safe space for non Spanish-speaking people to practice the language and get closer to the Hispanic and Latin-american way of doing Improv. They also have been working with English speaking groups like Covert Theatre and The Waiheke Comedy Show, which led to develop the multilingual Improv show called "Livin' La Impro Loca".

Mabel’s Director: Matias Avaca

Matias Avaca is an Argentinian improviser residing in New Zealand who has performed and coached in more than 15 countries through South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. He is the co-founder and artistic director of “Mabel Impro”, the first Spanish speaking Improv group in Australasia. His style is characterised by working with different languages, and the absence of them, recurring to Improv as a universal language. He also develops Improv Theatre formats, and travels the world coaching Improv troupes in them. Two of his most popular formats: “Livin’ La Impro Loca” and “Perfect Strangers” have been performed by Improv groups in several countries. Matias is the founder and director of the Auckland Improv Marathon and co-founder and director of the Auckland Improv Festival.

Matías Avaca matias13@gmail.com

Mabel’s Cast