Mixer Teams Workshop: Lost and Found (by Joana Ponder)


Join Joana’s Mixer Team Workshop for a 3 hours workshop about her “Lost and Found” format and perform it during the Auckland Improv Marathon.
The workshop will take place at Kete Aronui (80 Onehunga Mall) on November 9th between 10 AM and 1 PM. The show will take place that same evening at Tiny Theatre (exact time to be announced soon).

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About the workshop/show
Do you know how sometimes you lose something insignificant, like a pen? And then months later you randomly find it back? Where has that pen been all this time? That’s the inspiration for the format.
An object is forgotten somewhere, found by someone that it doesn’t belong to. Eventually, it randomly finds its way back to the original owner.
In this format, we will follow the object through different owners. Sometimes the object is central to the story, other times it’s just there in the background. In the end, the object finds its way back to the original owner (who may or may not even have noticed it was gone).
During the workshop, we will explore how to create meaningful characters, inspiring environments, and dynamic stories that interweave with each other through an insignificant object.

About Joana Ponder
Joana Ponder is an improviser from Amsterdam, who moved to Auckland in August. She’s a cast member with Easylaughs, Ferocious Four, Yoko and the Lemons and Wayward. While they’re all based in Amsterdam she does have the pleasure of touring through Europe as a performer.
She created the Femprov project in Amsterdam, which is an initiative to get more women on stage and which gives them the safe space to explore improv more freely. Joana is passionate about improv and loves to teach and coach groups. She studied photography at the School of Visual Arts and later also studied theater in Amsterdam.
She likes to use her artistic background to inform the theatrical aesthetics of what she does onstage, combining her expertise in comedy and physical theater with visual thinking.