Mixer Teams Workshop: Real Talk with Sealey Bee (by Christiane Brew)


Join Christiane’s Mixer Team Workshop for a 3 hours workshop about her “Real Talk with Sealey Bee” format and perform it during the Auckland Improv Marathon.
The workshop will take place at Kete Aronui (80 Onehunga Mall) on November 9th between 10 AM and 1 PM. The show will take place that same evening at Tiny Theatre (exact time to be announced soon).

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About the workshop
Real Talk with Sealey Bee, an original improv format. A talk show.
Join Sealey Bee and guests for this pioneer talk show, Real Talk. Experts in their fields share their work, their memories, fears and hopes in this frank, reveal all, intimate talk show.
In the workshop, we’ll learn the structure and all the juicy bits that make a talk show intimate, real, and entertaining.
It includes relationship building, backstory, memories, audience interaction, and many adapted short-form improv games you probably already know, all packed into this long-form format.

About Christiane Brew
Christiane is the Grande Dame of the Tokyo comedy scene (because she’s the oldest of four women) and has made an impact on her performance and teaching travels in Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, London, Australia, Bangkok, Canada, and India. She’s the full package; improviser, stand upper, storyteller, director and producer.
Her secret superpower is listening and observing, be that when coaching or performing. A sponge that soaks everything in and plays it for the truth of the moment, not for easy laughs. And some say she’s naturally funny, though you’ll have to be the judge of that.