Workshop by Christiane Brew: “Crafted Performance Storytelling”


(Workshop suitable for both improvisers and non-improvisers)

The talented British artist Christiane Brew will be coming to Auckland and after participating in the 2019 Auckland Improv Marathon, she will be running one of her most popular workshops: Crafted Performance Storytelling.

Date: Monday November 11th – 6:30PM to 9:30PM
Fee: NZD 49
Venue: Fickling Convention Centre
Facebook event:

About the workshop
Stories have been around for as long as there have been people on this planet. It’s how we communicate, engage, enthrall, and change audiences. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has a story that needs to be heard.
This workshop focuses on finding and building a personal story for performance. We will use improv based based exercises, good old fashioned discussions, and solo work. The ultimate goal is to get you telling a fabulously awful rough 6min draft of a story that needs to be heard. There is zero pressure to be excellent. Storytelling is about having fun with words and sharing the experience.
You will leave with the following:
– Techniques on how to find your story
– Basic structure: beginning, middle, end
– Plot points and their secret value
– Basic performance techniques

About Christiane Brew
Christiane Brew is Brit, currently based in Tokyo. A professional improvisor, storyteller, and actress based in Tokyo. She practices Johnstonian, Spolin and UCB methods, and she has performed improv and scripted plays on stages in Tokyo, NYC, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Australia, Bangalore and Vancouver. She has taught in Tokyo, Bangalore and the UK. She produces storytelling, standup shows, and events in Tokyo.
Christiane’s recent global work has seen her in Japan’s favourite Shin-Godzilla movie, American Express and UNIQLO world-wide TV commercials; provided the voices for several game characters, and she is the face and body for another 2 world-wide video games for Kojima and Capcom. She feels she secured these because of her experience in improv.
Her secret superpower is listening and observing, be that when coaching or performing. A sponge that soaks everything in and plays it for the truth of the moment, not for easy laughs. And some say she’s naturally funny, though you’ll have to be the judge of that.

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